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968 AIO color issues

My 968 AIO is having problems with the magenta.  I've tried all of the trouble shooting solutions.  I've called customer service and tried their solutions.  I've switched out the ink cartridges.  I've installed the newest firmware.  I've unistalled then reinstalled the printer.  And nothing seems to work.  It's prints just fine except for the magenta.  In fact all color print jobs look blue.  Any suggestions would be great!

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Re: 968 AIO color issues

Since you are having problems with the color, below are the instructions to follow to re-install the printer.


Dell Series 7 ink cartridges have a sensor in them that cannot be reset. Article on refilling Dell ink cartridges.


Dell Series 7 ink cartridges can be purchased at Staples, Walmart or Dell's Website.



Disconnect your printer. 


Un-install your computer.


Restart your computer.


Download the proper drivers.


XP Drivers


Vista 32-bit Drivers 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


All other drivers


These settings are highly recommended to get everything communicating correctly.



Fix your network first.


Update the firmware in your wireless router. Manufacturer's website, make & Model needed.

Broadcast SSID(You may want to change this to make it easier to connect)

Use WPA-PSK(TKIP) Security. Most wireless devices work best with this type of security.

Mixed b and g mode(n if available)

Use channels 1, 6 or 11. Most devices work better on these channels.

Save and exit. Power everything off for 30 seconds. Power everything back on, wait 30 seconds, now try to connect.


How Do I Connect a Dell™ Wireless Printer to a Wireless Network


Choose your printer. Beneath your printer, select your operating system. You'll be redirected to another page. Then click on show all steps. It will walk you through the installation process.

Remember to install the latest firmware for the 968 printer

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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Re: 968 AIO color issues

Bebop, this is probably a dead issue for you now, but I've just fixed a similar problem with my Dell 968 AIO and the solution that worked for me might help others.

Because the red colour failed when photocopying as a stand-alone unit as well as a wireless networked printer, I figured that the problem was with the cartridge and the print heads and not the software/firmware.

The colour cartridge was hardly used; almost full.

1.  Have 6 or so Q tips/cotton buds handy.

2. Have some surgical spirit at the ready, in a small egg cup or similar (just a little, not much).

3. Have some clean tissues at the ready, cheap ones without the balm/softeners in them - and definitely not loo paper!

4.  Now use the operator panel on the printer unit to set it to change the print cartridges.

5.  Open the cover and remove the colour cartridge (be careful with it as the bottom will leak/stain if touched!).

5.  Draw a clean tissue across the base of the cartridge two or three times.  This will look very messy when done and there'll be ink all over each clean tissue.

6.  Carefully dip one clean cotton bud into the spirit and wipe excess away on the back of your hand.

7.  Now use the tip of the soaked bud to clean the base of the cartridge, until you can see the lines for each colour (3 of them) clearly.  Use a new bud when each one gets messy.  Try to only use a clean bit of bud each time you touch the cartridge base.  This may take time, don't rush it.

8.  Now using another fresh bud and spirit, clean the metallic connectors on the cartridge, very carefully.

9.  Lay the cartridge carefully on its side and set it aside for a moment.

10.  Now, using a clean bud dipped in spirit (remember to wipe away the excess), carefully, carefully, clean the metal connectors in the cartridge holder within the printer unit.  These are copper-coloured dots.

11.  Now using another fresh bud and spirit, clean the little bit of plastic that is directly to the back of the spongy ink spreader pad (the grey looking rough material).

12.  Now re-insert the colour cartridge, re-align and test print.

13.  Finally, set the printer to clean the cartridge heads (using the operator panel) AT LEAST a dozen times.

14.  At this stage, the magenta colour on my printer returned!

Suggestion:  Use the cartridge clean/test page at least twice a week to keep the colour in the cartridge flowing.  I think the problem I had was lack of regular use of the colour cartridge and it began to dry out - I'm very miserly with it because of the extortionate cost of replacement!

I hope this works for you/others if having the same problem.

PS.  I did upgrade the drivers, and re-installed the wireless adaptor, none of which made any difference, but at least I now have the latest drivers installed!


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Re: 968 AIO color issues

fiftyplus, Thanks for the suggestion.  You're right it is a dead issue for me now since I got rid of the printer because nothing seemed to work for me to fix the magenta problem.  I certainly hope that anyone else with the same issue uses your advice!

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