Can't sync wireless printer w/laptop!

I have a brand new inspiron 1521 that I am trying to hook up to the A948 wireless printer.  I cannot get it to recognize my wireless network.  It only wants to recognize local wifi's.  Any suggestions?
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Re: Can't sync wireless printer w/laptop!

first of all make the printer available on network
to do this , if u have a router at your home, then

assign an IP address to the printer, same range as IP address of the laptop, same subnet mask and same default gateway, the same way as u would do to connect a computer to the same network,to set the IP address turn OFF DHCP in printer , enable TCP/IP adn enter IP address,mask and gateway

after u set the IP address. run the installation for printer, select network installation, i am sure it should detect the printer.

do reply here as to what happened, thanks!
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Re: Can't sync wireless printer w/laptop!

If this is the first time that you'll setup your printer on your laptop:
- on the 'network installation' option, it will ask you if you'd like to create a new wireless setting for the adapter (the other choice there is to keep the wireless setting of the adapter), choose the first option and it will prompt you to connect the usb cable (that came with the adapter) from the printer to the adapter. That way, it can establish a connection and it will assign a specific address on the wireless adapter and just follow the other prompts. During the process, it will also ask you to unplug the cable and it will try to detect your wireless adapter over the network. If it was able to detect it, you don't need to manually set an IP for that.
- proceed with the installation after this process and it will be good to go.
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