Dell 926 AIO printer not connected

I purchased 5 new Vostro 200 machines with XP Pro on them and the 926 AIO printer.  The printer does nort work on any of the new machines.  When I try to print I get a message that it is not connected.  I've downloaded the new drivers with no luck. I've installed many machines and printers in my day, but this is a real mystery. The printer works on the old Dimensiion machines running XP Pro.  This is obviously some sort of compatibility issue.  These machines are basic and have at the most Office and Norton AV on them.  The machines it works on are loaded with software.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Dell 926 AIO printer not connected

You can try running this patch. It will completely remove the printer from the computer. The newer computers have a harder time removing the printer drivers, so running the patch is almost a necessity.


Restart the computer.


Download the latest drivers from here and try again. If the XP drivers don't work, maybe try running the patch again and then try installing the Vista drivers.


Could also have something to do with your firewall. Look at the firewall and make sure the printer is allowed. Also look at Norton and make sure the printer is allowed.


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