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Dell B2375 not booting, just clicking

Dell B2375dfw Mono Multifunction Printer


After while I switched on my Dell B2375dfw printer and instead of booting up it just makes cliking sounds (you watch any alien movie you know what sound I mean).

The display stays dark and the wifi anthena light, the sleep buton light , and one orange light keeps blinking in same rythm as clicking. It kinds of goes slower and slower. I opened all movable bits and there isn't anything stuck anywhere.

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Turn on the printer
Run Device Manager
Find your printer - it may perhaps be under "Print queues"
Right-click in it and choose Properties
If you have a Driver tab, look if a button exists called "Rollback driver":
If it exists, use it and reboot
Else continue on
In Device Manager, right-click the printer and select "Uninstall device"
If asked, choose to delete the driver
Reboot. You are now using the Windows generic print driver, which may be good enough.
Otherwise, you will need to find a download for your old driver.


This may help. Give it a try

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