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Dell Printer Error Codes

Have searched the Dell website high and low. Is there a reason why all Dell printers, and specifically the 3110cn, have wonderful "error codes", yet no where to actually look them up and find out what they mean? In addition, the printer mentions a "K cart", which produces zero results when I search anywhere in the Dell website for a description.


My error code is 093-922. The specific message is "Check K cart - Error K cart".

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In most cases, Lexmark makes most of Dell's printers. I found error codes for Lexmark printers. It can be found here. Error 922 is down the list. Best I could do for you.


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Thanks for the help. I appreciate your input.


The only way Dell would help would be through PAID support - just for error codes! 


Message to Dell - Printer code look-up somewhere please?

REAL concern about customer/product relationships?


Just a suggestion.



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Dell Offers free lifetime phone tech support for they're printers. Just when you go out of warranty, it cost to get the printer fixed if needed.
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The error code that you are looking for is a reference to the toner cart. In which the"K" toner is the black. You have Y-M-C-K =yellow-Magenta-Cyan-Black. So what i would do is change the toner and see if it clears up.If not reseat it a few times. The toners have a lifetime warranty support from defects. So you can call or chat with dell and it might just be a toner problems. I've seen it alot
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It's not just Lexmark that make their printers in a Dell badged form.

Certainly Samsung and  Epson do too.


You'll find an Epson version of the 3110cn (Aculaser C2800) and a Xerox version (Phaser 6180), though the firmware IS different, and the error messages may well be different too.


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Error K Cart 093 - 922

Changed the Black toner - problem solved thank you.


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I have the same error code on my Dell 3130 cn


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My error code is 093-922. The specific message is "Check K cart - Error K cart".

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hello sir,i have  a printer  dell 3115cn is not work and showing error 177-313 please  help me  what's have problm/thank you

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