Dell V525w Scan to Email without computer?


I am trying to setup my V525w to Scan directly to Email in PDF format WITHOUT needing PC.

(On other printer model like Brother, it's called "Scan to email server")

I have connected the printer to the Network via WiFi, Configure the email SMTP settings, etc both from the Printer Home software and from the Internal Web Server using web browser. I also added my email address on the printer's address book.

Now, I've looked everywhere but I can't seem to find the option to scan directly to Email from the printer's control panel.

I'm pretty sure the printer can send email directly because on page 63 of the manual says "Make sure to enter your e‑mail account information and set up the SMTP server before sending an e‑mail." and "When sending an e‑mail, you can just select contacts from your address book instead of typing their e‑mail addresses repeatedly."

Can someone point out how to scan directly to email without using my PC?

Is there any additional file I need to upload to my printer? I notice if I access the printer via Web Browser it has one menu called "Additional Solution" where I can install a solution file.

Thanks in advance!

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