Error processing command in print que while printing

ive got an epson stylus cx3200 printer. 1 problem, that ive heard is common, is that when its sending the first/next document in the que to be printed it stops sending that document after sending about 72bytes or so out of say 32Kb. i try to cancel the sending-to-printer from the printer buttons and from the print que, it says "Deleting - Printing" in the Stutus column, "Error processing command" in the Stutus Bar and keeps that document waiting on that row, frozen, where any other documents sent to the printer behind that frozen file cant do the British thing and jump the cue to print off.  The only way it seems to clear that print que (as ive got several printers though different ports setup) is to turn off the computer and printer for a day or so.  This happens when i print either directly from laptop, desktop or indirectly through my printserver, and before or during its printing that document.
Is that print cue and document in the print cue located in, say, the system regristry or a folder, somewhere where i can somehow access that frozen document, delete it from memory, then somehow reload the printer cue to carry on printing the other documents in that cue.
                   laptop                              desktop
dell inspiron 8600                      Novatech brand, about 5 yrs old
xp pro sp2                              xp pro sp1
intel centrino 1.4ghz                   pentium III 700mhz
512 ram                                 512 ram
40gb hdd                                20gb hdd

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