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How to disable Dell Recovery Partition Warning

I have a Dell that I've used for many years running Windows 10 Pro.

I noticed just yesterday that a number of folders in my C: drive (including C:\Windows), when I try to browse to them are showing a warning message and won't show me any contents.


Recovery Partition


This area of your hard drive (or partition) contains files used for Datasafe Recovery process.

Do not delete or alter these files.

Any change to this partition could prevent any recovery later.

I imagine I set up Dell Recovery at some point, but I never touch it, and I've never had it restrict any folders before.   I opened Dell DataSafe Local Backup from the task bar, and a window opens stating that it has not been able to detect the Recovery Partition and it may be missing or corrupted.

I'm not clear on how to proceed.  I can't do anything from the "Manage Backups", it just asks me to upgrade, and smells of malware.  I'd like to just disable the warning and carry on accessing the folders that have the warning.  If I can repair the partition (which I don't think it includes the files warned anyway, but i digress), then that would be fine.  

Any suggestions or guides to fix this issue?

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