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XPS 13 9300, DMC, App not compatible with this device

I have just purchased a brand new (2020) Dell XPS 13 9300 / FHD / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD.

When got the laptop DMC (Dell Mobile Connect) was fully functional.

I reinstalled Windows 10 on my laptop and downloaded all of the necessary (up to date) drivers, including the DMC driver. Now when I go into the Microsoft store to download DMC it says "this app is not compatible with this device".

This is extremely annoying as I can't seem to find a solution anywhere online. If someone is able to provide any help I would be very appreciative.

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Dell Mobile Connect - App not compatible with this device 2.JPG

Attached is my settings. Please compare

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Hi Recze

The following Line is from the Reg_Edit on my PC
I think I had spotted where your problem lies.
You had left out the "Microsoft" word from the string above.

Please compare it and ensure your settings are 100% in the same address in RegEdit as I have it.


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I am having the same issue - can't find a solution anywhere.

Hi Jamie,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.


* Uninstall all references to DMC in Programs & Features
* When finished, restart the PC
* Once back into Windows, run Windows Update ( Start- Settings- Update & Security- Windows Update). Let it install all updates it finds
* When done, restart the PC
* Download/install DMC application 2.0
* When done, restart the PC
* Download/install the DMC Microsoft Store app
* When done, restart the PC

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I am still having this problem. 

I have downloaded the mobile connect driver. I will not download driver's from unknown (non official Dell / Realtek / Intel) websites. Do you have any other solutions?

Excellent information. Just one thing, fix the Mobile Connect driver download link because is pointing to an non-existing one. As of now, this is the link I found that is working, if you want to update the post.


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Same problem here.

Did you find a solution ?

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Hi all I compared the registry settings for my factory installed Dell Inspiron Windows Home versus my new custom-built-latest-version-Windows-10-Pro and the answer lay in the following two registry entries that needed to exist in the folder "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Store" OEMID String (REG_SZ): "DELL" StoreContentModifier String (REG_SZ): "Dell_Inspiron" Reboot and Windows store will allow Dell Inspiron apps to be installed.

The solution worked 100% as it had been described above by Joe.Oppenheim
Please see the screenshot attached.

The directory structure is 100% as Joe.Oppenheim had explained it, see the directory bar in the screenshot.
I also have a XPS, but the solution works as explained as Dell_Inspiron. I tried XPS, but did not work.

Dell Mobile Connect - App not compatible with this device.JPG

My XPS 15 9550 worked with;

The Driver linked above  (updated July 16th) 

StoreContentModifier String (REG_SZ): "Dell_XPS"

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