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Fans full speed on Poweredge 1950 II, MOD 3C at 0 rpm



Just as a brief explanation. My server runs on Ubuntu LTS 18.04. I have had no issues until now. The server is loud, and the fans are running at 100%. Upon checking ipmi-sensors, I saw that fan MOD 3C is at 0 rpm. Visually, this fan is running.I have replaced the fan module and cleared the ESM logs, yet fan MOD 3C is being reported at 0 rpm. There is no visual damage to the pins, or anything on the board as it has not been touched.


Any suggestions as to what the fault could be?

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Re: Fans full speed on Poweredge 1950 II, MOD 3C at 0 rpm


If you are using validated hardware and have swapped with a known good fan then the issue is with the connector. Fans will either connect to a fan assembly or directly to the system board. You will need to replace whichever you have to replace the connector.

I would drain flea power before replacing any hardware. This will clear volatile memory and cause a full reload of all hardware. If it is an issue of the iDRAC having an issue of updating the RPM then that should fix it.


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