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Unable to update iDRAC to 2.91 on R610


I am trying to update several R610's to the latest iDRAC version (2.91).  I'm able to update the BIOS w/o issue to 6.6.0 and all other software is updated.  I use the Dell Repository Manager on my machine to create a Smart Bootable ISO with just the latest updates (4 of them total).  I've burned that onto a CD and also used Rufus to put it on a USB.  Either way when I boot the R610 (Which runs ESX 6.0) I get the following:

Warning: Inventory collector returned with partial failure.
Installing ESM_Firmware_MXKG2_LN32_2.91_A00
The following packages are required for update package to run:
compat-libstdc++-33.i686 libstdc++.i686 libxml2.i686
Please check Update package User guide for instructions for installing the dependencies
ESM_Firmware_MXKG2_LN32_2.91_A00 could not be installed
Done! Please run 'dsu --inventory' to check the inventory
Exiting DSU!

Press Enter to reboot ....

Where exactly is this user guide and why aren't the dependencies already on the ISO?  I went to the download page on the Dell website, but nothing on there was helpful.  Please advise as I have several severs I need to update locally and several that are off site.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Unable to update iDRAC to 2.91 on R610


Download the application version and extract it, then update from the idrac gui https://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER05060172M/1/iDRAC6_2.91_A00_FW_IMG.exe

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