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Error when discovering mount point frm Replication manager

Hello all,

i am running replicaton manager v5.2.3.0.

here is my scenario

1. i made a clone from my R2 device & mapped to one of my linux host.

2. PE mounted the device as /d02 on the server ( it is a thin cloned device)

3. when i planned to take a snap from my replication mgr. i am getting the followin error for the /d02 mount points..

system /d02 is not located on a supported storage technology, please ensure the application set is properly configured to include only storage that is supported by Replication Manager. For more information about supported technologies, refer to the EMC Replication Manager Product Guide.

can any one help me out here...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Error when discovering mount point frm Replication manager

We have some restrictions with thin clone, check if they are your case.

Note the following Symmetrix Virtual Provisioning restrictions:

Only thin-to-thin source to target pairing is supported for Timefinder/Clone replication.

Symmetrix Virtual Provisioning does not support RAID 5 devices. Create data devices with RAID 1 mirrored, or RAID 6.

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