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Please school me on Recoverpoint and Oracle lun to lun

Hello I am working on setting up a recoverpoint LUN to LUN replication for oracle and I am having a hard time with getting oracle to work correctly.

-In read/write mode I can get oracle up and working correctly etc

     Question: in read only mode should I still be able to sqlplus into oracle?

-Going from read/write to read - having the luns replicate and then going back to read/write so that we can connect our application to oracle causes oracle to break and for us to reinstall oracle from scratch.

     Question: what are we missing here, is there some other kind of config or something that needs to happen in recoverpoint before we connect to oracle?

     - instance is named the same

     - multipaths are named the same

     - we brought over the pfile

If anyone has any recommend pdfs or whitepapers etc to read it would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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Re: Please school me on Recoverpoint and Oracle lun to lun

Hi quinc,

Are you using image access (Test a Copy) or image access (Test a Copy) in conjunction with a Failover as part of your testing?

Both will allow read/write access to the replica volumes and these are the supported methods for accessing the replica volumes and the database running on them.



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Re: Please school me on Recoverpoint and Oracle lun to lun

I have only heard it called lun to lun replication. During the Oracle upgrade and reinstall I had to ask that it was set to read/write vs read only mode.  In read only mode Oracle cannot see the luns/multipath.

Is there anything specific that needs to be done with recoverpoint and Oracle 12c RAC ASM lunt to lun replication?

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