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Are Container files encrypted

We’re writing an offer for a new potential and we have the following question:

  • Does SourceOne encrypt the Container files (.emx)?
  • If so, on which standard is this encrypted based?

I ask this because of the following in the documentation:


Flat, portable files of a configurable size containing archived messages organized by month. Also called container files or .emx files.

Where no word is said about encryption.

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Re: Are Container files encrypted

Hi Ben,

To my understanding they are not encrypted in SourceOne. Encryption was only available in EmailXtender days. I still see SourceOne databases (volume table), has encryption column. That might have been for customers who will be migrating from EX to SourceOne and have encryption enabled.

I would suggest you to check with your contacts in EMC to see if they have something like this on roadmap.



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