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How to rediscover relationships?

Hi there,

after replacing a Storage Processor of one of our VNX arrays vROps was missing some supermetric data of this object.

I figured out that relations for this objects have not been discoverd.

So I manually created the relations for Storage Processor and SP Front End Ports.

After that the supermetric was collected and displayed.

Nevertheless the other relationships for this object are missing and the Dashboard VNX Topology is missing these relationships.

Is there a way to initiate a rediscovery of the releations?



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Re: How to rediscover relationships?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reporting the issue!

In ESA, we cached the relationships of the object and only push the new relationships.  In your case, the cache thoughts the relationships are not changed for your new storage processor.  The same thing happens when you remove any of the resource manually.

There are two solutions for this problem:

  1. Remove your adapter instance add re-add it in ESA.  You will lose all your historical data in this approach.
  2. Ssh to the collector node (vR Ops) and the cache remove file:

        /data/vcops/log/adapters/EmcAdapter/<your adapter instance>/dump/relationship.map

        All relationships will be re-populated when the cache file is missing.

I have created a new issue VCOPS-3159 to track this problem.



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