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hello everyone, i've recently upgraded my OS from windows Me to windows Xp and everything is running fine until i try to use cdrwin or padus diskjuggler both programs are telling me they can't initalize the aspi manager.. i have no idea what this is.. i would just really like to use diskjuggler again.. thanks for any info

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RE: aspi manager - this must be for me

This is one of those cases I mentioned in prior posts.
go to this link and download the ASPI chk (it is a simple exe that checks your ASPI layer) It should tell you ASPI is not properly installed.

Now get this and install

It installs theh latest WORKING aspi layer ...DO NOT GET 4.70 and ignore what it says about not for XP, thats not true.

After install , run the check again and it will tell you its properly installed. Run your programs

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Re: RE: aspi manager - this must be for me

I tried this and the ASPI check shows ASPI is not properly installed. One or more components have been replaced with older versions of the software.

I then tried to download the other link, disregarding the part about XP but it will not complete download. Shows No qualified Adaptec products have been detected on this system.

I am trying to use Sonic MyDvd (which used to work but doesn't anymore) Getting error Application error: (17235) Unable to detect an ASPI manager.  (Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator still seems to work fine.)

Thanks, Tammy

Dell Dimension 8250, 200G HD, CD and DVD RW combo drive, XP

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