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Fail Support Assists PCI Bus - Functional Tests - D0701

Hi Everyone, 

My Alienware R12 desktop gave a few beeps this morning so ran a Support Assist hardware scan. The following failure was detected: 

Screenshot 2022-06-28 202746.jpg

Is this a major issue? Everything seems to be working ok otherwise. The machine is only 6 months old and is running latest BIOS supplied by support assist.

Thanks for you help

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Please run the ePSA diagnostics on the system, this video is for a notebook, but the steps are the same:


As per the video, this test can be run by pressing the F12 key (at the initial boot screen logo) and selecting diagnostics. If asked, please skip the extended memory test. If the system has no errors after the tests are run, then this is an error that can be ignored. 

This is identical to what Bentl78 already stated, but just wanted to post that Dell was aware of this. 

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I have exactly the same problem and it is recent. And i can't just ignore the problem, since everything freezes for 2 sec and one fan blows, then again freeze for two seconds and another fan blows. Can't ignore it, since it happens during video creation and you can imagine the result, when everything freezes during video rendering.


Thank you, hope they get it fixed for us.


Does the system fail ePSA diagnostics? And if not, are you getting this error from SupportAssist? 

If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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My laptop is Dell G15 5511, one week ago I have updated BIOS to 1.14.0 and discrete graphics driver use supportassist. In the past few days, it often beeps when it is turned on, the browser is obviously stuck, the mouse movement takes a few seconds to be reflected on the screen, and the frame rate drops and freezes obviously when playing games. The auto-switching of the discrete graphics card will occasionally cause the system to crash (seems like a multiplexing crash). So I Test it and show me "- PCI Bus - Functional Tests -D0701" . Hopefully it's just a software or other program glitch, hardware circuit chip damage is too inconvenient for my area.

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Lucky! its no trouble, Thank you.


Exactly the same for me. Dell have been advising certain things and no change. Another colleague with the same laptop has the same issue, so I think this is more generic with one of the drivers.


I can confirm the issue was there before update as a colleague with the same laptop tested it before installing all the latest drivers. He still has the issue after updates. Thankfully I don't seem to notice any issues other than when I tried to use by USB-serial adapter the other day, it doesn't work whereas it worked fine with no driver installations on old laptop.


My Precision passes all diagnostics at bios level, only SupportAssist gives the error.


If support assist shows an error code and failure, there is a problem.

I would highly advice not to ignore this error and contact @DELL-Cares if the diagnostics show an error code.


It could be related to a BIOS or firmware update, but it could also be an actual hardware failure.

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