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Support Assist ' Get Driver & Downloads' shows 'An unexpected error occured'

Dell G3 15 3500



Please help. I'm getting An unexpected error occurred when running the 'Get Drivers & Downloads' on the Dell Support Assist 3.11.4, Windows 11

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This is a known problem that several are having. My advice is to leave SA and let it automatically update when dell have manage to solve this problem. When that happens it should automatically update in the background. When that happens is yet to see. Don't hold your breath.


Instead you can find your drivers manually on Dell's website for your model and service tag.

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having same issue on my Alienware x17 R1. Currently my version is, guess it has to be some recent update Dell\Microsoft pushed. I am tired of wasting my time troubleshooting every time support assist breaks. 2 months back it was the .net update MS pushed. If anybody has solution please let me know.   

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