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Symmetrix REST API?

Having a bit of a problem getting solid info on REST API. Sounds very useful from the snippets I've found, but would appreciated any pieces of practical code that anyone could post on this:

- Are there any definitive documents on this?

- What do I need to install client side for this to work?

- Can it work with older Enginuity / DMX arrays?

- Can I manipulate the API from any programming environment (shell, perl, C#, python etc) or just restricted to a few languages?

- Any small pieces of practical code that folks have worked out, just so that I can get a handle on how to call/use would be great to see?


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Re: Symmetrix REST API?


to answer your questions

1. there is additional information and more documentation at https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-46344 which also has a very useful REST client that was developed.

2. REST wont work with DMX I'm afraid.

3. REST works with HTTP so any programming language that can use that can be manipulates.

4. As of yet we don't have a code repository for REST calls but perhaps other contributors here may be able to help.

Let me know if you need anything else



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Re: Symmetrix REST API?

There is a programming guide on REST, also if the customer just points their browser to the port for REST Point the browser to:

https://:8443/univmax/restapi/docs<%20%20> and they can pull down the online help.


There is also a very useful REST Client that makes this soooo much easier to consume and will help them structure their rest calls. Ken did a great post on it.


I’ve seen a few Githubs up there for this,

Here’s one example that could be tailored


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Re: Symmetrix REST API?

Below are few examples.

Storage Group Metrics using Unisphere RESTAPI with CURL

#list of sg_groups with first and last available dates



  "symmetrixId": "000196701xxx"


curl -u smc:smc -X POST -d @data.json https://<unishperehost>:8443/univmax/restapi/performance/StorageGroup/keys -k -H "Content-Type: application/json"

#To get Storage Group Performance metrics



  "startDate": 1454436600000,

  "symmetrixId": "000196701xxx",

  "storageGroupId": "StorageGroupName",

  "metrics": [ "RESPONSE_TIME", "ReadResponseTime", "WriteResponseTime"  ],

  "dataFormat": "Average",

  "endDate": 1455044400000


curl -u smc:smc -X POST -d @data.json https://<unishperehost>:8443/univmax/restapi/performance/StorageGroup/metrics -k -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Check the unisphere restapi documentation for more details.

doclink : https://<unsipherehostorIP>:8443/univmax/restapi/docs