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Idrac 9 - missing storage configuration


I am following a guide to remove a physical hard drive that is pointing me to Configuration > storage configuration.

This menu item is missing from my idrac configuration menu.




I do not see any options under storage to remove, preparetoremove a drive under the storage menu.
I also tried using racadm storage preparetoremove command without success.

Any ideas what I may be missing to get the storage configuration menu?

Thank you!



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Just guessing...

  • Do you have iDRAC Enterprise or up?
  • Server needs to be powered up to select a controller. But "Storage" is visible even if server is powered down(you will see a message about not controller found)

AEEEHHHH!  Do you have choose the "storage" tab left to configuration?  What iDRAC version do you use because in our version (5.x)  there is note displayed that the function for storage configuration will be moved.




Thanks for your response, this is for iDrac 9 Enterprise.
The screenshot I posted is our actual iDrac, we do have the storage menu but not storage configuration which is supposed to be under the Configuration menu (based on Dell youtube video of an iDrac 9 Enterprise system)

In addition, ISM is running and updated.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


You have to use the  "storage" section in the main menu and not the configuration tab any more.

Checked one of my 14G iDRAC9.

Edit: Same looking with 15Gen iDrac9!


"...we do have the storage menu but not storage configuration which is supposed to be under the Configuration menu (based on Dell youtube video of an iDrac 9 Enterprise system)..."

Again, i have in mind that there was once a notice that storage configuration will be moved

  • You looked to an old YT video with iDRAC 3.x or 4.x and the have moved it in 5.x
  • They changed it in iDRAC 6.x(available for manuell download) and your YT show that(unlikely)

Please see attached youtube vid screenshot and link.

If the menu is no longer there, since this video came out, ok, thanks for letting me know.

Do you have any details on how to prepare a drive for removal as I could not find anything under the storage menu?


That looks exactly the same as when you select Storage -> Phys. Disks.

About removing NVMe there is a PDF/KB because thats not a standard feature and depends on the OS as well. Using NVMe directly the OS is completly different when compared about Disk Hotswap behind the standard PERC.

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Got it, thanks for the details and your patience.

I think I might be overcomplicating things for an SSD removal. Based on this:

I just pull the drive and clear the system log to clear the critical error.
Does that sound right? I thought I had to prepare the drive for removal in some way.

Thanks again!


If you have NVMe drive then you need to perform prepare to remove before removal. If you have SAS/SATA SSD/HDD then you can make the drive offline before removing the drive. You can refer below link for details 

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