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DELL STREAK 10 pro is dead

hello there...

i have bought Dell streak 10 pro a month before from china. i have not done much worked on it. last time when i had used it i tried to copy some files through blue tooth from my laptop but that was not successful.

Then i shut it down properly and now it do not start up. nothing happen when i press the power button. i am not sure what has happened to it? the battery was full when i shut it down. even i have charged it for some time and then pressed the power button but it has not started.

any suggestion what should i do??

best regards

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Re: DELL STREAK 10 pro is dead



Did you find a solution to your problem, because my Dell Streak 10 pro did the exact same thing last night. It was fully charged, when the screen went black and it shutdown. I have tried to switch it on it fails, when i put it on the charger it doesnt even respond. Help?????

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