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Dell Streak 7 Update for T-Mobile Series

I have a T-Mobile Streak 7 Series, I am extremely disappointed that Dell is not supporting a product that they were selling through another company.  I was a customer who would alway try to tell people about Dell but not anymore.  There is no way on earth I would have brought a product, such as, the Dell Streak 7 knowing that I would not be able to update the software. 

I think Dell is no better than a street vendor, you are selling products "as is", if it works, it works, if it does not work, oh well, your lost!!!

Extremely dissatisfied and I will make it a point to tell any and everyone who is willing to listen!!!!


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Re: Dell Streak 7 Update for T-Mobile Series

Welcome to the new world order of smart phones and tablets. :�)

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