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About the TechExperts


Who are the TechExperts?

The TechExperts are individuals with skills verified by Dell Technologies who help answer forum questions. Though they are not Dell Technologies employees, all their content is moderated and answers are verified by the Dell Technologies agents.


What can TechExperts help with?

The TechExperts are well-versed in frequently asked questions, and provide knowledge on how to address common issues, particularly for older machines which may be out of warranty. Want to know if your system or peripheral is out of warranty? Find out here.


Do I have to pay TechExperts?

No. The TechExperts do not take any form of payment for any help they provide. Please do not provide any financial details to any TechExpert at any time. Should you have any doubts, please reach @rosiemari directly.


Should I communicate with the TechExperts outside the forum?

No. You should only communicate with the TechExperts on the forum. Dell Technologies will be unable to moderate any communications outside the forum, and therefore can not guarantee your safety. Only interact with TechExperts on the forum, and should you have any questions or doubts, please reach @rosiemari 


Is it safe to give TechExperts my service tag information?

No. The TechExperts have access to some Dell tools which will help them to answer questions, but only a Dell agent is authorized to access data supplied through your Service Tag. You should only provide this information to Dell agents, recognizable by their usernames being pre-faced with the word Dell, or DellCares.  Want to know how to find your service tag? Click here. 


Can I purchase an extended warranty or parts with a TechExpert?

No. In these instances, your information will be passed to a Dell Technologies agent who is the only type of user authorized to assist you with any parts purchases, replacement transactions or extensions of warranty.



Some helpful tips:

• Share the system model (for example, Inspiron 5559 or XPS 9350) and issue- or query-related details with the Tech Expert to get to a resolution as early as possible
• Elaborate on your issue as much as you can
• If possible, have the system with you at the time of troubleshooting


• Do not share any personally identifiable information (for example, phone number, email address, or physical address) with anyone, including TechExperts. Only Dell agents, identifiable by having the word “DELL” in their username, would be able to confirm these such details with you.
• Do not share any system-related information (such as the Service Tag or Express Service Code) with anyone, including TechExperts, aside from Dell Agents. Only Dell agents, including our Dell-Cares automated response system, should be provided with your Service Tag, or personal information.
• Do not connect with TechExperts outside the community platform (for example, via a private chat or phone call) as Dell will not be able to monitor the conversation, making it difficult for Dell EMC to protect your support experience once you’ve left the Dell site(s) .
• Do not share any payment- or bank-related information with a TechExpert. This is not fee-based support.
• Do not use racial, sexual, or politically incorrect comments or profanity during the interactions


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