Ranks, Levels & Badges

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Ranks, Levels & Badges

There are several ways for you to progress through the 10 set levels, should you wish to get competitive.

Two ways to rise through ranks have been provided:

The first is by following a specific formula, made up of a pre-designated number of each or some actions available.

The second is to accrue points and badges. Participate in discussions and gain knowledge, bringing you ever-closer to Realm Domination!

There are 10 total levels, starting with 1 Copper, with 10 Diamond being the absolute highest level of rank. Each level is comprised of 3-4 ranks you must progress through before reaching the next level.

Levels 7-10 are for the TechExperts, our top influencers and a group of people critical to this forum's success. 

The exact formula is never revealed to anyone.Points.jpg

Ranks, points and badges.jpg


Are you a Specialist?

Do you have certified skills?

Please reach Robert. for details and the requirements involved. 




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