Rockstars are now TechExperts!

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Community Manager

Rockstars are now TechExperts!

Who are the TechExperts?

TechExperts are our superusers; the glue that holds a community together. The Dell Community Forums have always had the good fortune of being comprised of dedicated, passionate people who love to answer questions and give Dell EMC excellent feedback which we then use in the testing and development of some products. 

TechExperts can be nominated by other community members, current and former RockStars, DellEMC staff and partners (IE. Microsoft). Nominations are reviewed by the Dell EMC  Community Support team and awarded based on various criteria, including:

  1. Quality participation (i.e. number of verified solutions provided to the community).
  2. Product expertise (i.e. number of quality contributions on specific topics)
  3. Community leadership (i.e. ability to identify trends and pull together topics of conversations related to the same question/issues; de-escalation and moderation of community conversations; familiar with and informative of the community terms of use).

You can become a TechExpert one of two ways: 

First, you can answer questions and develop helpful content, which is then rewarded with points. Those same points then help you rise through the levels and ranks, gaining badges along the way, which will eventually bring you into Gold and above ranks. These ranks and levels are eligible for rewards (dependent of the TechExperts' country of residence). These rewards are our way of thanking you for your quality contributions and answers on the Dell EMC Community Forum. 

The second way to become a TechExpert is through proven experience. The moderators will be happy to elevate a user who has demonstrated/attained at least 2 of the following prerequisites: 

  • 18 months of successive employment in the field of Technical Support
  • Has become a Dell Certified Proven Professional: for more information, please visit Dell Proven Professional  
  • Has completed Dell Technologies Education courses. For more information, please visit: Dell Technologies Educational 
  • Is a Certified Expert Malware Analyst for more information, please visit Certified Malware
  • Is a Microsoft Certified Professional. For more information, please visit: MS Certified  
  • Has acquired other MS Certs: Microsoft Certifications  
  • Has acquired other A+ Training. For more information, please visit: A+ Training 

Should you posses the above and wish to become a TechExpert today, please reach @rosiemari directly 


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