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VNX5300 FC Windows 2016 connect

Hi all,

i need to connect a VNX5300 system to a windows server 2016 machine.

Two FC cards (Emulex LPe12002) are already installed on the server.

I tried with the integrated function of windows MPIO, but without success. Can someone tell me the right procedure to make the connection?



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Re: VNX5300 FC Windows 2016 connect

First, go to https://mydocuments.emc.com/, then select VNX Series, then in the VNX Server Tasks, select Attach a Server.

One thing to remember is that if you're using the same HBA to connect to two different types of arrays you might run into issues. Also, you should check that the HBA you're using is qualified. Go to the E-Lab site and run one of the queries to see if the HBA you have is supported.



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Re: VNX5300 FC Windows 2016 connect

After that I would suggest to look at the host config guide - also available from elabnavigator

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