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usermapper and dr

I have a usermapper at primary site, with data on  multiple physical DMs and VDMs.

There is a corresponding VNX at a DR site  with a single physical DM and VDM

How can I ensure that all usermapper entries at primary site are replicated to DR site, as I see the number of entries at each usermapper instance on either physical or virtual DM show different number of entries ? So I suspect I am seeing

DR Physical usemapper = 80 entries

DR VDM usermapper  = 91 entries

Primary Physical 1 usermapper = 101 entries

Primary VDM 1 usermapper = 111 entries

Primary Physical 2 usermapper = 121 entries

Primary VDM 2 usermapper = 131 entries

Should there be only 1 unique usermapper instance per VNX, and if so, how can I migrate the many unique instances to a single common instance for proper DR ?

( # entries were randomly picked to show issue )
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