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Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad

Hi all,

I just got this Dell Inspiron laptop about 2 wks ago, i5-6200U 8GB RAM, Windows 10. I did not go for the pre-installed McAfee trial. I installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. It has been several days now that I get a Windows notification saying that Kaspersky firewall  and Windows firewall are disabled. I tried turning on Windows firewall but the option remains grayed out. When I open Kaspersky it shows that my computer is protected and no mention of anything being disabled. I completely removed Kaspersky from the system and only then I was able to turn on Windows firewall. Now I am relying on Windows firewall and Windows defender.Another thing that has been happening almost daily is  this notification saying that Intel HD Graphics had stopped working and has recovered. I don't think I want to reinstall Kaspersky. At Best Buy they told me that they use Bitdefender. I am leaning towards that, but since I have no idea what is going on, I just wanna wait a while. I hear a lot of complaints about Windows 10.

Personally I use Internet Explorer instead of Edge. I find it too slow. On a previous laptop, not Dell, I was using Firefox and it worked fine, until I took the  bait and installed Windows 10. Since then, Firefox crashes upon first run. I did not install it on the Inspiron because I didn't want to take a chance.

I was told at the store that 8 GB of RAM is enough for a home user. I don't play any video games. Only surf and use Microsoft Office.

Yeah, even with Office apps I have an issue. I only use Word and Excel. When I press Save, the computer becomes a dinosaur, that's how slow it is. Here I am thinking, the guy who sold me this thing was not even a computer grad, but a police foundations one. Bottom line, I don't rely on "expert" in-store advice no more because salesmen don't know the product, they just want to sell you anything, the more expensive the better.

So any ideas on these issues? The Kaspersky firewall and Windows firewall being disabled. Who is doing this? Could it be incompatibility with OS, I mean Windows 10 hates all third party anti-viruses?

What about the Intel HD Graphics stopped working and has recovered? Is that something I should worry about? What can I do about it?

Why is Firefox on first run saying it has stopped working? Is this how great Windows 10 is?


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RE: Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad

Hi A6RO81, and welcome to the forum.

As I recently purchased a Dell laptop, maybe I can help you. As you discovered, all Dells come with a pre-installed AV. The most important thing to do, if you did not want McAfee, was to not activate it, and delete it via your control panel. For extra assurance, you can run the uninstall tool (mcpr) from McAfee, which is available here, to completely eliminate McAfee:

Computers do not like duelling AVs, which compete to eliminate threats. This degrades system performance. Kaspersky is a top-notch AV, but if you find it lacking, again you will want to run its uninstall tool, free to download from here:

When you completely uninstall all traces of McAfee and of Kaspersky, your Windows firewall and Windows Defender AV should be working. If not, let us know.

I can't answer all your questions. Suffice it to say that the native Windows 10 firewall, and the Windows Defender AV provide fairly good protection. You just want to be sure that all traces of other AVs have been deleted.

And yes, 8 GB of RAM should suffice for your purposes.


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RE: Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad

It is not recommended to use 2 softwares at same. If you are using Kaspersky Internet Security you should disable Windows Defender on your pc. This will give you a much better experience and you can take full advantage of Kaspersky.Internet Security software.

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