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Trend Micro Internet Security Will Not Uninstall

I have a new Windows 7 Professional 32-bit Latitude E6500 that's driving me crazy. It came with a trial version of Trend Micro Internet Security installed and it will not go away, at least not gracefully. Here's what I've tried so far:

  1. Uninstall via Programs and Features - It would get about 2/3 of the way through and hang for hours until you force a reboot. Didn't matter if I stopped services first.
  2. Remove from Start Menu - Trend Micro - Uninstall Trend Micro... this would launch the same installer with the same result.
  3. Try Windows Installer Cleanup Utility - This would flash some info on the screen too fast to read. In the end Trend Micro services were still listed.
  4. Use TISTOOL.EXE from Trend Micro, the "Trend Micro Diagnostic Tool". This actually seems to get rid of the application pretty well. Unfortunately it kills my network interfaces (Ethernet and Wireless) like I've never seen before. I could restore ethernet functionality by deleting the ethernet card under device manager and letting it get re-installed. But this didn't work for wireless. The wireless card is listed in the device manager and under Network Connections (and enabled). But there is no longer an option to detect wireless networks. I can only resolve the issue by performing a system restore to an earlier time. This of course brings Trend Micro back from the grave too.

The thought of formatting the hard drive and starting over because of this bundled crapware is really unappealing. I've read posts from others on the Internet with the exact same issue, but none provided a solution. I've been unable to find manual uninstall instructions. If anyone has suggestions I'd love to hear them.


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Yes, I did figure out how to remove Trend Micro. Format the hard drive and reinstall everything except Trend Micro.  :emotion-14:

Obviously this is a lame answer but I couldn't find a better solution. I had just purchased the laptop for a customer and could not waste days of troubleshooting the issue.

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Lame or not, you got it done.  I just can't figure out how or why these multi-billion dollar companies with resources galore can't make our lives easier.  They all seem to have "brilliant" people staying up nights figuring how to make things "new and improved," when they are neither.  I could go into a litany of failures that Trend, Microsoft, Adobe and others have and continue to make in the name of "progress." 

Good luck.

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Hi. I encountered a similar issue on a client's Latitude E5420.

When I ran the 'change' option (there was no 'uninstall' option) from the Programs & Features applet in Control Panel it gave me error 1719 and mentioned that the installer service could not be accessed.

I was able to uninstall like this:

Navigate to c:\program files (x86)\trend micro\client server security agent

find the file named ntrmv.exe (I'm not sure it was .exe because extensions were not being displayed).

right-click on ntrmv and click 'run as administrator'.

This produced the uninstaller and completed successfully.

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Brilliant! That really helped me. Now to get rid of all the other trialware!

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The guide I found that uses CMD and the registry on your link. I'm sure it's great, but I don't understand it.

1) Run cmd (Right-click on "Run as administrator") and then type: net use adminstrator activate:yes
2) Run msconfig.exe and task manager and stop all posible services/processes from TrendMicro, exit without restart
3) Run regedit.exe and RENAME the key HKLM/Software/TrendMicro to some other name, "TM" for example
4) Restart
5) same as 1: Run cmd (Right-click on "Run as administrator") and then type: net use adminstrator activate:yes
6) Run regedit.exe 
7) delete HKLM/Software/TrendMicro key 
Cool Then rename "TM" key back to "TrendMicro"
9) Go to Control Panel, select "Programs & Features", select "TrendMicro" and Run Uninstall from there. 

Other Option:

Can't remove Trend Micro in Windows 7? This video will show you how to fully delete it step by step with Perfect Uninstaller. You can easily uninstall Trend Micro internet Security in minutes.

Once you unistall TrendMicro Internet security, then Download Comodo internet security for 100% Virus Protection.

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To the last two or three posters here:

Please realize that you're replying to a 6 year old thread... that already has acknowledged a Verified Answer.

To Stacey:

Your post, involving use of RegEdit, is risky... because if people misinterpret (or misuse) your suggestion, an improper change to one's registry has the potential to yield catastrophic results (including --- worst case scenario --- rendering one's system unbootable).    Suggesting that people back-up their registry before making changes would be prudent... but even so, editing one's registry is not the best advice for inexperienced users.

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Tried this and it worked like a charm! Removed the trial version loaded with Dell Latitude. Super easy compared to other methods that made my head spin. Takes a bit of time so be patient.

Thanks a Million BRANDNODDS!

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I was finally successful after finding and running this 

Trend Micro Remnant File Remover Tool

It took a while - and I had thought it had frozen up half-way through - but it DID finally complete the process.

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