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Vostro 230 RAM

I'm seeing conflicting info on max amount of RAM for the Vostro 230.  Using this for video conferencing at my office and want to upgrade the RAM, if possible. 

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I've already got 4 gb, that was with the system. So I can't upgrade, that's a bummer


Dell validated spec for memory Memory
Type DDR3 1066 MHz
Connectors two DIMM slots
Capacity 1 GB or 2 GB
Minimum memory 1 GB
Maximum memory 4 GB 

user has validated above Dell spec to 2x4 gb.

if you have the Dell stock ram of 2x2 currently you can replace them with 2x4.  yes you can upgrade but you need to replace the dell ram.

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I was able to boost the RAM in my Vostro 230 to 8GB (2X4), despite it being "not possible"... trust me it is... you just have to get some very specific type, and the number of chips on the module is important... I found the info online somewhere (???) and bought aftermarket RAM about 2 years ago... 100% it works if you get the correct type

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