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quary about Vostro 15 3568


I have a Vostro I5 3568 laptop with existing 4gb ram. I am planning to upgrade it. Can I buy 8gb ram with same configuration ? Will it work ? Or should I buy another 4gb ram ? Some say that you need to have same GB ram in both slots like 4gb + 4gb or 8gb + 8 GB

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Welcome to the Dell Community  @Rajdip011 

Most people purchase memory in matched pairs to take advantage of "Dual Memory"

What is Dual-Channel Memory???


Your manual does not give any specific configuration for your memory???

Dell Vostro 15–3568 Owner's Manual:


So will 12GB work???

I cannot say for sure.

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I had earlier consulted with dell phone team.

There are some mistakes in the user manual. 

Max config is 16GB DDR4 SODIMM per slot, so 16x2=32 GB in total.


Certain processors might operate at 2133 MHz as per Intel model specs (ark.intel.com).

Not a problem if you insert 2400 or 2666 MHz RAM, it will automatically set to own speed.


Dual channel, try to buy 2 pieces of same model & size ram. Mixup will cause dual channel to select a common speed of both the rams, which might be lower.


If you get any amber-white blink codes, like I got with a prev Vostro-3568 motherboard, reseating rams won't help. Swap the ram slots (what worked for me is to put new ram in slot 1 & dell factory ram in slot 2)


However Dell makes revisions to their parts (indicated by A00/A02 etc at the end of their serial noo/PPID) & the new motherboard I got makes no problems regarding which ram I put in which slot.

NOTE System might take a bit long to start up first, or even restart on its own (if not hit power button again). Go to bios & see memory info, then open ePSA (cancel test by hitting ESC), press screen right-buttom side arrow to go to epsa menu, check Throrough option box, open Results tab & then click on RAM to run extensive ram test (maybe 30 mins)

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