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Adobe Pro digital download link not working

I purchased Adobe Pro from Dell online.  I received the confirmation and subsequent email saying it was completed.  I followed the link to my My Locker account where it showed my confirmed purchase.  There was a link that said "Download Link."  This is the only thing that could be clicked.  After clicking it a program was downloaded (smartsource.MediaManager.application).  Every time I try to run this program it fails.  I can upload the error report, but it says to contact the supplier.  I don't anticipate support from Dell any time soon.  Now I've paid for software and not able to use it.

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RE: Adobe Pro digital download link not working


You can click the link for my dell downloads, register at the site and you should be able to download the program.

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Downloads from the site must use Internet Explorer.

For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.

You would click my name in blue, then on the next page in the upper right corner, click the words "send private message"

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RE: Adobe Pro digital download link not working

Jesse, I bought Adobe photoshop 2019, and the download link does not show in the digital locker.  I have spent Hours and Hours with "customer service" help, and I even send them a screen shot to show the link isn't there.  They keep repeating, each one of them, "Sign in to Digitial Download Locker, and download there".  Those are not real instructions if the link is not there.  Is there a "general" link I can use?  I can see a license key.  It has both letters and numbers, which apparently doesn't work if I try to download directly from Photoshop, which I tried in desperation.

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RE: Adobe Pro digital download link not working

"Adobe photoshop 2019"  would be in the Adobe Store with an Adobe Account.  Most software these days is a key and there is no actual media available.

Creative Cloud All Apps  is a monthly service fee and any downloads come from ADOBE not DELL.


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