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BIOS Updates

Hello Everyone!!!

This is not a question for support but to let everyone know that the BIOS update by Microsoft Windows update is causing a staggering amount of problems like automatic reboot that I have noticed caused by many people.

If you're updating and accepting Microsoft Windows Updates, it will either brick or caused unnecessary problems.

I found a solution to prevent MS from trying to update the BIOS and not Dell.

Reboot, Press F2, go to BIOS setup, Security, and look for UEFI Capsule firmware updates, uncheck the option on the right pane window. You read the reasoning behind this option will prevent MS from trying to update your BIOS for you, somehow it isn't doing us Dell users' justice.

I prefer to just update BIOS directly from Dell, not MS. It's safer and will prevent further corruption or issues.

After doing this, and updating with Dell's BIOS update - 2.013_2 (from the download link from Dell). In fact, from the System Information it reads: 2.0.13. I'm not 100% sure the exe file from Dell reads: XPS_8940_2.0.13_2.exe.

Thanks and Good luck!

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