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BitLocker: need a key but I never installed it

I put the question and the answer as well.

Maybe U did like me and have registered your new computer under a SKYPE account  when U eagerly open your box and turned it on a few months or years ago? 

In order to find my BitIocker  48 numbers key of my DELL I13 5000 laptop, after the BitLocker blue screen came up due to a broken keyboard subst, I hv logged to the Windows account in another computer using my skype name (allowed by windows10 as user name instead of an email addr after MS grabbed Skype). I succesfully found the another old email connected to my skype account and after email confirmation procedure, I was in that user account, so my DELL device was there to be clicked. The key was there. I hv keyed the numbers in to the notebook BL screen and voilà - windows10 started normally. I got this idea in a dream, after 24 hours of mad combsearching through forums, slippery Dell & Microsoft agents blaming each other companies for the unauthorized encripting of my HD and finally a good glass wine and a nice sleep. Before I succeed my 2nd idea would be to return the original broken SHIFT key keyboard back to the place (a 2 hours job disassemplying all notebook parts), so maybe the system wouldn't realize any hw threatening change to come up asking for the BL key. As we say here in Brazil Dell & MS "took their body out" ou "washed their hands".

The wine?  an inspiring Chilean cabernet sauv. from Colchagua Valley.

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