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Dell XPS 15 (9550) Won't Boot After Trend Micro Install

Our company bought two new XPS 15's last week and both units failed to boot after installation of Trend Micro Maximum Protection v 10.0

Both machines are equipped with Win10, 16GB and i7. One has 1TB SSD / 4K Touch and the other has 512GB SSD / HD Touch screen.

The order of events goes like this:

  • Initial setup of Win10 (username, networking setup, etc.)
  • Install several applications
  • Remove McAffee
  • Install Trend Micro Maximum Protection v10

In each case the machine will reboot without any problem until Trend Micro has been installed and then updates itself. After this,a reboot will come up with diagnostic repair screens from which a previous restore point can be selected.

We have performed a full Win10 "reset" on each machine and get the same behavior.

Trend Micro support hasn't been terribly helpful. Their position is that this is a problem with our PC and/or Windows.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Mark (airmel)

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