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File Explorer hangs up

I have Windows 10 (original install) on a DELL Inspiron 15. File Explorer hangs up almost every time I right click to make a new folder or get access to other functions on the right click - which I like to use all the time. I have done some reading about this and it seems that a winsock reset will fix this - I've been using that successfully for ... more than a year. Accessing this relies on my being able to access the Command prompt (admin). I can't always do this because sometimes the system can't find the program necessary to read the Cmd prompt (admin). I've also read that the whole problem with File Explorer is something to do with Windows 10 resetting default apps. It's true that when I reset the default apps, I can again access the Cmd prompt (admin) and can again run the winsock reset and again get Windows Explorer to work. !@@#@!

But then I have Edge wanting to read my pdfs, and other non-preferred apps reading files. So I change my pdf reader to Acrobat, my picture reader to IrfanView and it all begins again.

This is just crazy. I would like File Explorer to just WORK. I asked in Microsoft forums; one thing an MVP there suggested was that I ask here. Can someone please help with this?


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