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Help Dual boot - Raid on or AHCI


I have an Dell Precision 5530 2 in 1
Bios version 1.8.9
SSD M.2 NVMe Micron 1024Go

I want to install dual boot with Windows 10 LTSC and Ubutnu 18.04.3 LTS

Here is my problem, I selected "Raid On" to install Windows 10 and it works, but when i put my USB key to install Ubuntu, my SSD doesn't appear, I can only choose the USB key memory.

I tried to modify grub file with "nvme_load=YES" and it still does not work


I changed SATA Operation with AHCI, Ubuntu works and i can install it.
After installing Ubuntu, i restart the computer, Grub appears, i choose Windows but i have an bsod "INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE"

-Raid On : Windows works but Ubuntu remains stuck on a purple screen
-AHCI : Ubuntu works but i have an bsod INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE

I searched everywhere on the internet
I tried to find a driver for the disk
I also installed the last driver for my NVME Controller (Intel Chipset SATA/PCIeRST Premium Controlller)

Where is the problem ? 🤔

Thanks for the answers

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Re: Help Dual boot - Raid on or AHCI

You have to prepare the machine to install alongside windows.

That means you have to run diskmgmt.msc and shrink the partition.

You then have to do the SOMETHING ELSE install and add the Ubuntu partitions onto the end of the drive.

Its not a one step water chicken install.

You have to use USB 2 optical Drive and 18.04.3 iso to boot from.

Burned media should be 1X 2X 4X max higher burning speed is not reliable. You are not able to LIVE BOOT with the USB media you currently have its crashing or corrupted or otherwise not working.







USB media introduces additional errors.

Its better to use a USB Blueray/DVD burner and boot from Burned Media.

The media is burned at 1X or 2X or 4X max.


UEFI BIOS Secure boot will also have issues.

The best method for dual boot is to do Windows first.

Shrink the Partition with Disk Management.

Then Install UBUNTU Alongside windows making sure Secure Boot is disabled.

RESIZE Windows PartitionRESIZE Windows Partition





40 Gig set aside for Ubuntu

Make the EXFS 30 gig for the primary UBUNTU PartitionMake the EXFS 30 gig for the primary UBUNTU Partition







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Re: Help Dual boot - Raid on or AHCI

If you have a system which is running an NVMe drive with the SATA set to RAID, Ubuntu will not see the drive.  It needs to be set to AHCI for the M.2 slot to see the NVMe drive.

I don't have your system to confirm but that is the way many Dell systems are configured.

If you want to change the controller to AHCI you need to use the special procedure to automatically boot the system into Safe Mode after you change the Bios Setting.  Make sure you have your password since PINs will not work.

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