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Insecure Windows Service Permissions

I have a Latitude 3570 that has been audited for Cyber Essentials compliance. The laptop has failed with the high risk vulnerability, "At least one improperly configured Windows service may have a privilege escalation vulnerability."

The service is DellRctlService and Authenticate Users have inherited file write permission to c:\dell\sytem64folder\dellrctlservice.exe.

The solution to this vulnerability is:Ensure the groups [Everyone, Users, Domain Users, Authenticated Users] do not have permissions to modify or
write service executables. Additionally, ensure these groups do not
have Full Control permission to any directories that contain service

Ref: www.nessus.org/u

Will changing the Authenticated Users permission to explicit read only be detrimental to the service?

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RE: Insecure Windows Service Permissions

Don or Ron,

I do not see where changing the permissions would have any issues. If it does, you can revert back to the previous setting.

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