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OS recovery tool cannot extract image file

I am trying to re-install my windows, I followed all the steps provided by Dell.

After formatting my USB, I cant install the OS recovery on it, I receive the following error: 

"An error occured while extracting image file DGKNTA00_Win10x64ROW_home.iso. please check the file and try again

Can anyone help me?

I tried to use Rufus, but I can't find the iso image file on my laptop.

this is a link showing an image of the error:

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The reason you got

"An error occured while extracting image file DGKNTA00_Win10x64ROW_home.iso.

is because FAT32 does not support files larger than 4 gigs and the DELL ISO is 5.3 gigs.

UEFI Booting requires FAT32 USB2 drive.

they are not expensive but they should be purchased retail because they are often counterfeited.

update now
 to 20H2 windows 10 feature update

Media Creation Tool. 20H2

using media tool



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