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One user account has sluggish access/open file on NAS

We are using a one-month old XPS 8900, i7 with 16 GB memory, D-Link DNS-323 NAS and Office 2016. Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393.351.

User account "A" is able to access and open Word/Excel files very quickly. No performance issues.

User account "B" struggles to open these files. We see various phases such as "Contacting ... NAS", "Downloading", "Processing" and eventually opens. Closing the file takes several seconds.

I chatted with Microsoft support ... they connected to view the issue and concluded it was "weird". Microsoft will not escalate the issue because the file is not directly on the computer.

As mentioned above, user account "A" works fine!!

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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RE: One user account has sluggish access/open file on NAS

I have determined that a Windows networking issue is causing the sluggishness. This has now been resolved by changing a drive mapping format.

I compared each user's drive mapping to the NAS..

User "A" is:

net use S: \\dlink-54CCAF\BWQM <pw> /USER:dlink-54CCAF\BWQM /PERSISTENT:YES

(the reference dlink-54CCAF is the actual NAS device showing on the network)

User "B" experiencing sluggishness was:


(the reference NAS3 is defined in the hosts file: NAS3 # NAS alias for drive S: BWQM)

Changing user "B" drive mapping to be identical to user "A" resolved the sluggishness.

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