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Win10 1709 Update Devours NVIDIA Driver

Greetings. I have a Dell XPS 8300 circa 2012 with a Dell ST2321L Analog Monitor. The video driver is a NVIDIA GeForce GT545, date 5/1/2017, version

The Win10 1709 update deletes my NVIDIA driver and replaces it with a generic driver that seems to speak gibberish to the video card. The Monitor screen appears extremely stretched and some games are horribly jumpy and won't play nice.

I rolled back to the previous Win version and tried updating the driver with failed results (I did save the file to the hard drive).  I've read elsewhere about uninstalling the driver before installing a new one but I don't understand how I can operate the computer when it doesn't have a driver (ok, everyone can start laughing now).

I've honestly been researching this for days and am totally confused. Is there anyone out there that not only believes not all is lost but can explain the needed steps to take in somewhat untechnogeek language?  Thanks for your time, attention, and sympathy.

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RE: Win10 1709 Update Devours NVIDIA Driver

If you rolled back to the previous Windows 10 version why would you need to update the driver?

Depending on which version of Windows 10 you have you will want to Google on how to delay 1709.

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