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black screen/white screen

OK I'm an old guy (77) and need help.  My computer (Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop) software shows a black background with white letters now, especially on the start screen, e-mail, certain websites, and even on Microsoft Word.  I need it to be white background with black letters and it was that way until yesterday when it changed. What happened I don't know. As I'm writing this it is black on white, it varies from one window to another.  I need to fix it.  Please advise. I have Windows 10. let me know if you need more info. 

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Sorry, this did not work.  I was aware of the settings, and had tried before your suggestion but all it changed was the start screen (plus there was no choice for "white.").  It's like i've got some kind of virus.  Even Mixcrosoft Word is infected and it's making it impossible to edit the contents. The option you suggested for settings was not there, either. I'm wondering if I need Dell direct support to get it fixed.  My computer is out of warranty and I think 8-10 years old. <Service Tag removed>


To ensure the security of your information, I'd suggest that you delete the post containing any Dell centric information & send us a private/direct message.

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