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windows update

hi guys

hope I'm in the right forum but my inspiron 7746 keeps freezing as soon as I try to open any apps or internet, there was a windows update and when my computer came back on the keyboard would not work so I did a system restore which resolved the problem however 24 hours later and I cant do anything after the initial log in screen.

just performing a re-install so fingers crossed.

does anyone know if dell warranty covers software issues only had the laptop 6 months

any help would be grateful



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RE: windows update

I believe software is only covered for 90 days if that.  You can purchase a software support pack but its like 150 bucks or something.

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RE: windows update


Thank you for writing to us!

You could call tech support and purchase a software warranty ,however there are few basic troubleshooting steps that you can try .

Kindly click on the link and follow the instructions.



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