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Product key not working

DISCLAIMER- Very unfamiliar with computers

Short story: I bought an INSPIRON 13Z 5323 a few years ago. Motherboard fried, sent it back to DELL to get it fixed. They returned it back much later than expected after "losing it" etc.. Got the laptop back and the PRODUCT KEY did not work. I didn't notice that it made any difference in what I used my computer for- emails, school, facebook, normal stuff.. So I didn't do anything about it. My initial guess is that they put in a different system into my computer and forgot to change the product key? I don't know. I do not want to BUY another product key. Every hour or so I get a blue screen that pops up and says "INSTALL WINDOWS NOW" and I always just exit it because I don't need to, why go through all the trouble, right?

Well I need it now. And instead of wasting 5 hours of my life trying to understand the cruel, thick accents of the proud Dell Support Team, I'd rather see if you guys had any suggestions. Thanks!

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RE: Product key not working

You didn't say what OS you had, but "Windows 8" is listed in your tags.  Do you have Windows 8 or 8.1?  Pro or non-Pro?  Go to Start and type in 'system' to find out.  Is the Windows sticker on your system green or blue?

Download rweverything, run it, go to the ACPI Tables, MSDM tab and copy the product key, then go to Start and type in 'activation', and put that product key in for activation.


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