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Windows 8.1 after creating partition, cannot boot or recover.

Detail on my situation: I have a new Dell 5537 comes with Windows 8.1. Day before, I tries to create a new partition in C: where is the the OS sits. After created an unallocated partition, I did not format it, jjust restart my laptop. Then it won't start. Even I use its Recovery disks, it cannot recover my system. NOW, I can see the Partition detail: 
1: ESP Total 500MB Free 494MB SYSTEM
2. DIAGS Total 40MB Free 35MB PRIMARY
3. Total 128MB Free 128MB MSR(RESERVE)
4. Total 2GB Free 1.7GB RECOVERY
5. Total 920.6GB Free 920.4GB PRIMARY

#5. Partition is where I have created a new partition but not format yet. Now I have a new Widnows 8.1 image file and tried to install in this partition, but it gave me an message: "WINDOWS CANNOT INSTALL, IT IS OF GPT PARTITION STYLE". Can anyone help me to solve this problem, so that I can install my new Windows 8.1 in this partition. Million THANK YOU.

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RE: Windows 8.1 after creating partition, cannot boot or recover.

You made a recovery USB with the latest version of Dell Backup and Recovery? Why were you trying to alter the system partitions?

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