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Windows 8 with IE10 has Java Script Capability Missing

I bought the 17R SE with Core I7 and hardware is very strong. Cons are slow hard drive and small print on keys but the pros make up for this. 1080P resolution on the 17.3 inch screen is untouchable for the money.

My main problem has been software. McAfee has been a disaster as it caused Action Center messages constantly even though McAfee said everything was "green", ON, and protected. I had to uninstall McAfee and thereafter all Java scripts stopped working in IE10. Looked at Windows Firewall and all looked good, also made sure scripts and script applets were all enabled in options,security tab of IE10 - all good but no luck. Loaded Chrome plus Firefox and all works so the  firewall is obviously not the problem. Reloaded Java 7 Release 9 and finally Release 10 (beta) - same thing. Even Java site can not find Java on IE10 even though program manager has both 32 bit and 64bit versions.Yet same procedure with Java on  Chrome works perfectly.
 IE10 can not be reloaded or fixed so I have a permanently disabled IE10 due to Dell's incompatible McAfee  software. Exasperating! Java Control Console has check mark for "Default Java for Browsers"  as a "grayed out" check mark for "Microsoft Internet Explorer" that can not be altered. This indicates (to me) a broken linkage between IE10 and Java that has no obvious solution when the software can not be reloaded. I tried a  Reset in IE10  and then  "sfc /scannow"  in the "cmd" window - as an  "administrator" privleges - results negative. Googled  symptoms and found lots of similar  Java on IE10 problems but no solution. Most users ditch IE10 and go to Chrome.
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