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Back up & Recovery System has not worked

Service at Dell is much worse than a joke...They have no regard for their customers. The following is a taste of my experience today:

The level of incompetency at Dell is STAGERING!!!!

This is the USUAL INCOMPETENT reaction I have come to expect from DELL!!!!
Their Back up & Recovery System has not worked for me (ever), and when my computer (an XPS 8700) was still in Warranty, their tech, Jonel (in India, 12-29-2014) could not handle a fix for it...General Incompetency...So, I have never been able to make a backup or recovery discs. Dell will NOT take responsibility for their POOR products or the incompetency of their staff!!!  I just spent 45 minutes and was transferred 4 or 5 times from the Philippines to India, to India, to India, etc., etc. The last Tech I talked with was Anusha (in India...that is all the identifying information one can get) I was upset at the run around I've been getting from Dell, expressed that and she hung up on me. There is no satisfaction to be gained when dealing with Dell!!!!!!! The only logical thing to do is to find an ALTERNATIVE SUPPLIER to DELL!!!!!!

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