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Dell Refuses to fix Hard Drive after Unistalling OS 7 on Vostro Laptop

Dell Refuses to Fix Hard Drive after Uninstalling OS

After consultation with MicroSoft on the OS of my Vostro MS came to the conclusion that the OS was corrupted. MS said that it was a Dell Installation Problem. I contacted the Dell Pro Support Division which said we have to unistall then reinstall OS. Well when begining I said to the agent dont you want to backup to the Western Digital External Hard Drive that I just bought. The representative said No, I will make it easy on us and back up my computer on Dell Back Up and Recovery. Well as you can imagine he did not. After multiple calls over days, Dell said they would call me back in 24 hours; they never did several times. Then I get an email stating here is our legal departments address and Thank You for Buying Dell. True Story and Heart Broken in Charlotte NC


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Re: Dell Refuses to fix Hard Drive after Unistalling OS 7 on Vostro Laptop

This is a (primarlily) users helping users with hardware and software problems.  We are not Dell employees so we can't do anything for a service or warranty problem.  

But, for future reference, the Operating System that comes with a new PC is an "OEM" version and the PC vendor is responsible for support, unless you want to pay Microsoft for support.

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