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Dell Support Assist Triggers Win10 BSOD

Running on a new XPS 8900.  Whenever Dell Support Assist runs, a Blue Screeen of Death appears.  I am now experiencing a Windows Blue Screen of Death daily -- it appears to be running automatically every 12 to 24 hours..

The Windows minidump identifies the failures as coming from the address GenHC.sys+1509ewhich is adriver to support a USBSer device.  I've contacted the vendor to see if they can provide a fix, no new updates are on their website.

SO, how can I either get a version of Dell Support Assist  that does not trigger the BSOD?

Or how can I prevent Dell Support Assist from running? 

1)  Is there an option to disable it 

2) What should I uninstall?

Win10 shows Dell SupportAssist 1.1.6664.93 is installed.

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RE: Dell Support Assist Triggers Win10 BSOD

I had same issue with Alienware 15 R2 purchased just 5 days back. Daily within 12-24 hrs BSOD was occurring. Finally got some clue in windows 10 Event Viewer and got it confirmed that Dell Support Assist was the culprit. I could reproduce BSOD by just starting the Support Assist application and wait for few seconds. Finally, I uninstalled the Dell Support Assist and Dell Support Assist Agent.

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RE: Dell Support Assist Triggers Win10 BSOD

I have exactly the same problem with my Dell Desktop PC.

After the failure of my original HDD, I bought a Scandisk SSD 240GB and installed a clean Windows 10, After installing all the necessary updates including Antivirus and I installed the Dell Support Assist. 

Just few minutes into it after the last installation of the Dell Support Assist, my PC crashed with BSOD "Kmode Exception Not Handled".

Not knowing what really had crashed my PC, I restarted it and uninstalled Dell Support Assist.Everything seemed to be back to normal but worried that there may be something not right in my Windows 10, I do another clean Windows 10 installation and all updates including the Antivirus. Then again I installed Dell Support Assist.

Same thing happened. Just a few minutes after the installation, the BSOD appeared with the similar message.

I do it the third time with a clean installed of the WIndows 10 and all the updates. This time without the Antivirus. Unfortunately the same thing happened after the Dell Support Assist installation. From here I can conclude DELL SUPPORT ASSIST is causing the BSOD on my PC. Nothing else as I did not install other application programs except Windows 10 OS with all the updates. 

Now my PC is working fine for last few weeks without any single problem. 


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Re: Dell Support Assist Triggers Win10 BSOD

Wish I knew about this before I finally figured it out myself

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