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Dell Tech Concierge Service Software and Including Assistme (remote logon by DTC techs)

Every time DTC does a remote access (they use Assitme, software by Citrix), after the session is over and DTC has logged off completely, this software destroys my having any screensaver whatsoever. I am running Windows 7 Premium on a Dell 8500 (lots of upgrades) . My upgrades, include a very expensive and high end Dell monitor. As you know, Screensavers protect monitors from burn-in of the desktop icons, which will ruin your monitor screen completely and forever. I am using one of the Screensavers that came pre-loaded on my computer. There used to be numerous pre-installed choices of Screensaver and now there are very few. That is fine with me, since my entire purpose is to protect my monitor screen--and I do not want to design my own or download one. No matter which one of the pre-installed Screensavers I am using which was/is always working, perfectly, before any DTC remote access--the DTC Assistme Remote logon destroys my ability to get my Screensaver to work again. I have to spend a lot of time fixing this problem caused by DTC Assistme--sometimes as long as 2 hours. Occasionally, I even have to go back to a Restore Point. The irony of that, is that whatever problem else DTC "fixed" during the remote logon, is back to the same problem as before DTC techs logged on. I have read about this same problem caused by DTC Assistme on other Dell Customer Forums, as well as, other technical forums outside of Dell. Lot's of people have this problem caused by Dell DTC and Assistme (Citrix software), yet this is never fixed by Dell. Does anyone know how I can correct this problem, myself?. What caused the problem, what settings (if any) can I change, and what can I do to prevent this, AND--what can I do to restore my Scrreensaver easily and quickly--if I can't prevent the Assistme from corrupting and destroying the use my Screensaver from launching? Please help--as soon as you can.
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Well the problem is not dell the problem is citrix software. and as you know monitors do not burn in that only happends with plasma and the technology with plasma is even better with that now. so there is no need to use a screensaver on the system that is optional. I haven't used a screensaver since windows 95 and 98 I set it to turn the screen off when not in use if you think your screen will burn in that will be a better option for you. hope that helps you decide on what to do.

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